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These programs run under Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 through to Windows XP. They are available at various other sites on the internet.

Some of the games and utilities are freeware and some are shareware. I have no reasonable means of collecting shareware fees at the moment so I'm giving away registration numbers for free. Email me and say which programs you want to register.

My web space is limited so I don't always have every download online at the same time. If what you want isn't here, Email me or search the web - a lot of the programs are mirrored elsewhere.


You are free to post any of these programs on any web page or bulletin board.
You are free to include any of these programs on the cover disk of any magazine (but you might want to check with me first that there isn't a new version on the way).
You may not include any of these shareware programs on a disk containing a compendium of games, utilities, etc. without prior permission in writing. You are free include any of these freeware programs on a disk containing a compendium of games, utilities, etc.


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